I regret dating my ex

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  3. Wait, what was that last one?
  4. Confessions from people who are shamelessly dating their ex’s best friend

Honestly, what were you thinking?!

Secondly, your friend may still have feelings for him and you dating him could totally ruin any relationship that you and your friend have with each other. We think he must be a great guy if he is so sweet and loving towards his mother. He's probably a big spoiled brat and will expect you to wait on him just like his mom does.

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Yeah, right, think again. And she's never, ever going to approve of you since her baby boy only deserve the best, and she won't think that's you. In fact, guys probably rebound harder than girls do on almost all levels.


They go out, find a hottie to pick up, and take her back to his place and make himself feel better about the fact that he was dumped. The problem is that in order to heal his own wounds, he has to create some on you. This will lead to him hurting you in order to get back at his ex in the form of hurting all women that he encounters. They draw us in with their foreign charm and we automatically want to know more about them since they obviously have a different life than we do. The problem with this is that foreign guys with hot accents know that they can draw in a woman with only a few words and will use this on other girls while courting you.


Foreigners may be a really fun type to date, but they will hurt the most when they finally fly away. We all know this type of guy. They would rather kick back on the couch and smoke instead of taking you on a fun and romantic date. The truth is that dating a guy who is besties with his ex will drive you nuts. This is the type of guy that drives everyone up a wall.

Initially, you think his personality is energetic and even really funny. Watch out for this type of guy and avoid dating him at all costs in order to preserve your regret.

Wait, what was that last one?

WilliamRLBaker , Dec 14, Especially my most recent ex that my family hated. Suck it dry using Tapatalk. CapitalP , Dec 14, Not that I regret dating, but there's a couple I regret staying with for so long. Dec 15, HeartBreakPlayer , Dec 15, Kevlar , Dec 15, Aug 22, Messages: I will never understand how you regret dating someone. You at one point liked them enough to be with them exclusively, and for whatever reason, you ended up hurting each other and breaking it off.

Does that therefore take away all of the good about them that you once noticed?

Dealing With Ex Rebound: How To Know If They'll Ever Breakup?

I think that people have to "hate" or "regret" their exes for several reasons. One of them I think is because they have to hate them, otherwise if they think of only the good, they might regret it being over. TeraSorcerer , Dec 15, Last edited by TeraSorcerer , Dec 15, I think I've grown as a person through every relationship I've been in, but there is this one literally crazy guy that I saw for about a week that maybe wasn't the best of ideas.

I was warned ahead of time by a friend, but I still went in for it.

Confessions from people who are shamelessly dating their ex’s best friend

Komusha , Dec 15, JQuick72 , Dec 15, VyseTheFearless , Dec 15, I regret a one night stand with a co-worker who I had sex with four times during the night and then she told me she loved me the next morning. I called another girl the next day and started dating her. FantasyBlade , Dec 15, Latest News All Round. Anas' key partner shot dead. Kennedy Agyapong has questions to answer — Lawyer.

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