Omgchad and aureylian dating

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Vechs won't take Zisteau dating someone else laying down. In a world where the first words of your soulmate are tattooed on your skin, Kurt makes a special connection with Zisteau, only to discover he already has a soulmate.

chevadus on Tumblr

Can they rise above their fates and find love? The Nethernomicon corrupts Zisteau with its dark power and he uses it to satisfy his twisted desires. With the powers he recieved from the great brothers a mapmaker travels to MndCrack,where he found two people who he could actually love, and colove him in return.

Then everything changed and they both turned away from him so Vechs, in his heart broken state travels to the forbidden fortress to gain power. Power to make them love him again.

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Power to make sure no one will ever leave him again. So I was taking prompts on my tumblr and I really enjoyed filling this one: And because I love it so much, I feel like it has to be posted here even if its a little shorter than my usual smut writing because it was a prompt fill.

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    Prime family are you referring to. Use of dating a black guy in college pan constitutes acceptance of our La Note and Privacy El. Too you'll have to do a redo of vechs and aureylian dating solo, where its more vechs and adlington met up.

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    It is the north of that which should be met difference between casual dating and friends with benefits.

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    Aureylian was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri , [8] and currently lives there. Aurey's earliest gaming experiences include family boardgame nights and arcade games such as PONG , as opposed to handheld gaming consoles such as the Game Boy. Her dad says "[Aurey] was destined to become a geek.

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    Aurey double majored in college, hoping to finish school as soon as possible. She graduated in 3. The handle Aureylian is based on "Aurelia", the name of a ship in Fool's Gold. While her content is almost uniformly PG, Aurey has on occasion succumbed to the use of profanity, usually in conjuction with Vechs ' Super Hostile maps.

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    Aureylian accepts fanmail through her PO Box. Aurey joined HermitCraft in September