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We had dinner the following week and that was it — two-and-a-half years and counting, and I love her more every day. We matched, chatted for about 10 days as I was out of town and then had our first date at a gin bar in Soho.

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One evening my flatmate and I joined Tinder after several glasses of Rioja; my boyfriend was the first person I matched with. I panicked before our first date in case he was an axe murderer, but we met on the South Bank and wandered from pub to pub before grabbing some unplanned dinner.

Success stories wanted.. : Bumble

We both knew pretty quickly that this was something different and before long we were sharing amazing holidays, tiny urban apartments and lots of wine. We moved in together, he proposed a year later on a beach in Australia and we got married last December. I was in the Netherlands when I used the app and he was Dutch, so I was nervous about the language barrier — but from texting I could tell his English was good.

We decided to go to a gig, although I turned up an hour early and had to go home and come back again. She initially cancelled because she had food poisoning and when it came to finally meeting I was so nervous I ate a whole bag of Percy Pigs beforehand. I'm gonna meet my man in real life I just know it!

Best wishes for success! I'm cheering you on! We've had over 20, success stories of engagements and weddings on our platform that all began from a mutual right swipe! We're confident that you'll connect with some amazing bees soon! Otherwise, most of my dates turn out the same, after we meet and get food or whatever, we usually end up going to my place and have some fun. But from what I gathered most of the women I've gone out with aren't really looking for anything serious either.

Just casual dating, which works out great for me at the moment so I can't complain.

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Has anyone actually met someone and began a relationship from this app? Want to add to the discussion? And none of them panned out into something long term? This doesn't give me much hope.

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I'd developed what I believed to be a highly discerning online dating strategy. I seldom swipe right and rarely match, but when I do I'm certain I've stung him. I was visiting the Bay Area when we matched. Men in Northern California are much more interesting. I was already back in L. Louis, where he'd unexpectedly flown to support a hometown friend whose dear mother had died.

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After texting a bit, he noted that he prefers communicating by phone. Texting is for teenage girls.

I Met My Dream Boyfriend on Bumble

And he should know, because he has two daughters in college. Which is why he understands women so well, he said. The phone is more personal. He asked for my number. Chivalry is still alive, he said. Are you a veteran of L. We want to publish your story.


These dating app success stories might just restore your faith in online dating

We chatted a bit for a few weeks. Men seem to care only about how women look and women about men with money. Finding me "a fascinating, beautiful woman," he offered to fly to L.

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We spoke the night before our date. The plan was to meet at 4 p. Afterward, we'd have the whole evening together before his 9: I received a text: He'd been "called" to an unexpected meeting downtown. Our date would now be "around 5: At that point, I was in Mid-Wilshire, halfway between Venice and downtown in degree heat. I was sweating through my date-wear: