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  1. "I'm 19, he's 32. Is it weird that we're dating?"
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  3. Parents of daughters! 19 year old dating a 17 year old ? | Yahoo Answers

Proof comes in the form of pregnancies, medical issues and digital communications that go public. Assistant Becker County Attorney Kevin Miller says when cases like this come across his desk, his decision to prosecute is typically already determined by the statute. If the person being charged is an adult, they may be harsher. That is one, long-lasting possibility that can come back to haunt a young person for years, including not being able to live on a college campus, getting certain jobs and public shame. Miller says he typically tries to avoid that, though, unless there is reason to think otherwise.

One might think that tech-savvy teenagers would understand the gravity of sending nude or inappropriate photos of themselves to others, and yet investigators in Becker County say it happens all the time. For this, the age applicable is anybody under the age of 18 — no matter the age difference. Emotional damage aside, there are a lot of illegal things happening there, starting with the teenage girl.

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  • Parents of daughters! 19 year old dating a 17 year old ?.
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  • "I'm 19, he's Is it weird that we're dating?" - HelloGiggles.
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We just want to protect everybody involved. Paula Quam is the editor for Forum Communications Co. This Site Might Help You. What do you think of a 19 year old that wants to date a girl still in high Look I'm not a parent but I was 17 when I started dating at 21 year old. We started dating in Feb I turned 17 exactly 2 months and 13 days before our first date. And he turned 22 in April.

"I'm 19, he's 32. Is it weird that we're dating?"

And we met talked for a little while and then dated. My parents met him roughly a week before we had our first date.

CHIT CHAT: I'm 21 dating a 17 year old

They asked him all the question they wanted to and just got to know what he was kinda like. They said he seemed like a nice person and he'd been raised by his grandparents and he really knew how to treat me right.

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  7. Plus he wasn't afraid to share everything about his life with them. Like the fact that he was a virgin, didn't smoke, never been arrested, drank occasionally. But after we started going together he quite that. He had his one place and so on and so forth. Basically his life was an open book to them that night. So they allowed us to date. Has never ever hit me or raised his voice at me. He was more then happy to take things slow. He followed my parents rules. He even told me that IF my grades dropped that he'd stop spending so much time with me.

    We got to see each other on Sunday and Monday. If my grades had dropped we'd stay at my house and I would have only seen him on Sunday.

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    He has encouraged me to reach for dreams that I had once considered impossible. He helped me study for tests and quizzes. He encouraged me to go for my goal of graduating with honors and you know what. We've been together almost 2 years now. We're engaged date set in Things that the parents should think about: Is he a nice guy? Things that the girl should think about: He's older, He won't be around your school to hang out with, Ppl will judge that you're younger, etc Things that the possible couple should know: The age of consent laws of your state.

    I'll provide the link below. I beg you to please look Am I saying they should go out? I'm not saying that at all. I just want everyone to know that age is just a number. And that young relationships that have an age difference do work out. And honestly my relationship is more stable then any of my friends relationships who have dated guys only a year older, the same age, or younger then them. We've never broke up or even had a fight, yes we've had little disagreements but we get along so much better then my friends do. And if you are the parent. Judge by the individual.

    I dont think so my parents are 18 years apart.

    Parents of daughters! 19 year old dating a 17 year old ? | Yahoo Answers

    I'm 19 and have 2 kids with a 24 year old we been together for 3 years and have been building together ever since. I don't see a problem with two people of those ages dating. I think it really depends on the people involved, as in any relationship. What the 19 year old did wasn't inappropriate at all, he just wanted to show he was interested. For the best answers, search on this site https: I admire the fact that she is so open with you about her sex life.

    That shows she has a lot of trust in you. I say let them be. I honestly think girls are more mature than boys at that age. Personally I think younger girls do well with older boys. Men take so long to mature. Their relationship is not illegal. My husband is about 5 years older than me and I have been with him since I was 15 I'm now So family, friends etc. As long as it is a loving, respectful relationship I see absolutely no harm. Good Luck to your daughter and may she live a happy life!

    It honestly depends on what kind of guy he is. I mean, he's out of high school so is he working full time or going to collage? If he isn't doing either then he is most likely a looser that isn't worth your daughter's breath. On that note, if he is working full time or going to school I would not be concerned at all!

    Remember, girls mature faster than boys do. I personally was 17 when I met my husband who was 19 at the time! And look at us now, we're happily married! Not at all that bad, hopefully hes a bit more mature then boys her age. Its only 2 years.

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    It's not really bad, it's two years. I see no problem with it, as long as he's not doing drugs or anything like that. No, I don't think he's a creep. I think it was very sweet. I don't think her wearing a jersey had anything to do with it. When I was 16, I started dating a 19 year old. My mom wasn't ok with it at first, but then she met him and ended up loving him. Meet the guy first.

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